What is LibNSFB?

LibNSFB is a framebuffer abstraction library, written in C. It is currently in development for use with NetSurf and is intended to be suitable for use in other projects too.

The overall idea of the library is to provide a generic abstraction to a linear section of memory which corresponds to a visible array of pixel elements on a display device. Different colour depths are supported and the library provides routines for tasks such as drawing onto the framebuffer and rectangle copy operations.

LibNSFB currently supports the following as framebuffer providers:

Source code

You can browse the source code via the online interface. Alternatively, you can check it out with Git:

$ git clone git://

LibNSFB is licensed under the MIT Licence.


If you would like to help develop LibNSFB, or have questions about the library, please join the NetSurf developer mailing list.