Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code 2014

The NetSurf project has been accepted as a mentoring organisation for GSoC 2014. Any eligible students are encouraged to talk with us on IRC before submitting their application. Please have a look at our ideas list for details of the project we are proposing.

Our previous involvement with Google Summer of Code is summarised here.

Google Summer of Code 2009

The NetSurf project was selected to participate in Google Summer of Code 2009 as a mentoring organisation. This year we are mentoring three students.

Bo Yang
  • Project: Add DOM support to NetSurf
  • Mentor: John-Mark Bell (jmb)
  • Details: Abstract
Paul Blokus
  • Project: Core UI enhancements and keyboard navigation
  • Mentor: Michael Drake (tlsa)
  • Details: Abstract
Mark Benjamin
  • Project: NetSurf GTK+ interface improvements
  • Mentor: Rob Kendrick (rjek)
  • Details: Abstract

Our project ideas page for Google Summer of Code 2009 is still available.

We ask students to keep NetSurf's project goals in mind, especially the first point. We also ask them to communicate with the developers as much as possible. More information for students is available on the development wiki.

Google Summer of Code 2008

NetSurf participated as a mentoring organisation in Google Summer of Code 2008. We ran four projects which are listed below.

Adam Blokus
  • Project: PDF Plotter and printing improvements
  • Mentor: John Tytgat (joty)
  • Details: Abstract, Introduction
Sean Fox
  • Project: Abstract the Core Functionality to Stand-alone Libraries
  • Mentor: James Bursa (zamez)
  • Details: Abstract
Michael Lester
Andrew Sidwell
  • Project: Work on and integrate Hubbub
  • Mentor: John-Mark Bell (jmb)
  • Details: Abstract, Introduction

Our 2008 GSoC ideas page is still available.