Webmaster area

This page is for webmasters who want to find out about NetSurf. Perhaps you've seen NetSurf in your server logs and want to know more, or maybe users of your web site have commented on some accessibility issue with NetSurf.

What is NetSurf?

NetSurf is a web browser, like Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. It is small and fast, so it is used mostly on slower systems, with little memory. You can see screenshots of NetSurf in action in the About NetSurf section.

Standards compliance

NetSurf is aiming for complete standards compliance. You can get some idea of what NetSurf is currently capable of from the progress page.

You should note that NetSurf does not yet support JavaScript, so any JavaScript dependent parts of your site will be inaccessible to NetSurf users. You can test the functionality of your site without JavaScript in more mainstream browsers for by temporarily disabling JavaScript in your browser.